Support to Women and Youth in Trade

Venue Durban, 16th November 2021

The event offered a platform to engage on what the AfCFTA means to Africa’s women and youth exporters and how they can be best supported to utilize opportunities in intra-African trade. It also addressed the informality of regional trade which is dominated by women and youth that face sugnificant barriers to trading accross border.

Over70 percent of cross border traders, especially those engaged in informal trade, are women. Understanding their needs and giving them a platform to speak is incredibly important. The youth are Africa’s largest composite of human capital. As the youngest continent, Africa needs to invest in ensuring that its youth have credible pathway to engageg in productive activities so that they may reap the promise of their freams and become architects of their own propsperity.

Keep inform here. We are the consultancy of the AfBC (African Business Council) who is the private sector interlocutor for the implementation of the AfCFTA



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