Women in Trade and Procurement

How BPW International can provide solutions to transform women led business model for a post-COVID future

  • Transforming business models is key to unlocking new value for business, customers and society in a post-COVID world.
  • Only a minority of women owned companies today are undertaking business model transformation. Others are gaining marginal benefits through automation, process, or operating model shifts.
  • Transformation towards more inclusive business models are proving more resilient.

COVID-19 has caused the largest and fastest shift in human behavior change at scale, ever. As digitalization is already underway in almost every organization, this shift has accelerated the adaptation of digital technologies.

Digital technology offers the potential to create new value for all businesses, while making models more inclusive, sustainable and trustworthy.

To realize this potential, companies will have to determine where new value exists, which business models will capture it, and which capabilities will support the adaptability and resilience that these business models require.

BPW could offers tools to guide women owned business to adopt new digital business model.

The Approach

The objectives of this programme are

  • To promote strong businesswomen organizations providing business incubation support to enhancing non-state actors, private sector & civil society to contribute to sustainable development
  • To provide to our affiliates the tools and techniques for reducing or eliminating barriers and for leveraging the vast untapped economic potential represented by women-owned businesses. For many women, entrepreneurship offers a path to economic empowerment and it is incumbent upon our netowork to help create conditions that permit this focusing on business, digitalization, trade, procurement opportunities.

The BPW global approach is about to runs several programmes :

  • Building networks  : BPW can leverage on BPW existing relationships and initiatives driving the same goals.
  • Leveraging technology : BPW can use technology to enhance linkages, real time collaboration and access to information
  • Creating Hubs for Incubation and collaboration : Through the hubs BPW  will collaborate with different regional and in-country groups and initiatives working on the same agenda to support their members.
  • Running Capacity Building Programs : BPW will run and develop various capacity-building initiatives for the various actors involved to support local SMEs to scale, be competitive and be successful in delivering value to digitalization, trade, procurement and business development.

The proposal: A BPW Digital & Hub Services platform

What is a digital service platform? From a technical point of view, it is just a set of all tools and solutions for our members. In general, it is a mind-shifting approach – start to think about what additional services can be provided to our members? How to build sustainable relations with our stakeholders ?…

The pandemic economy showed us the importance of being flexible with our business – from remote work to service design thinking.

We want to make the first digital service platform for an international association for capacity building and members support for assessment for startups development, trade and procurement and digitalization of businesses to build a successful, sustainable company in a post covid economic world.

Our business model is a way to support our businesses to creates, delivers, and captures value in economic, social, cultural, or other contexts. It’s everything about making a profit. We are about to set a digital platform-based business models to be among the most profitable and sustainable ways of supporting business members. Our digital service platform will be a women business ecosystem with a set of connected digital services that enable stakeholders to fulfill multiple needs and provide facilities for members, partners, community, and government.

2021 has made migration to the platform economy and digital service approach even faster. We want to be part of this process.

Activities supported: Services to members

New startups

It is about developing a platform to help the creation of businesses. It aims to make online tools available to all Startups, business coaches, talent developers, usiness experts, etc., the objective of which is to monitor the development and acquisition of skills b u startups with online advisers and local organization support. It is an online platform aimed at ensuring the full management of business start-up projects (monitoring of all assessment processes starting from the innovative idea through to monitoring and support for the creation of start-ups).

The platform’s goal is to provide a global tool for BPW to increase the efficiency of member organizations that advise, host and / or assess young entrepreneurs. By using a common platform, supporting organizations can structure, centralize and harmonize their assessment practices.  No business organsation

This is a world first, no other organization of women entrepreneurs offers this type of solution to their affiliates.

Digitalization of Businesses

COVID-19 has dramatically shifted business and society. We have had to learn how to live differently – to work, learn, socialize, shop, and collaborate in different ways – and many of us are doing all this virtually. Never have we been so aware of our dependence on digital models, and we are not going back. Among the many trends that COVID-19 has accelerated, two stand out: Marketplaces are indicating that companies must adopt digital business models to compete, and calls are rising for companies to lead in addressing societal challenges.

The tools BPW can develop are quiz and online support to offers a guide for BPW executives’ women to adopt a fit-for-purpose digital business model.

  1. Market Driver Assessment : Tools and quiz to assess the urgency to adopt a new business model given market disruption and the competitive landscapeusing technilogical platform to support
  2. Value Assessment : Tools and quiz to assess the value of a business is targeting and identify which business model archetypes might best support these goals
  3. Capability Guide : Tools and quiz to assess a business against the key capabilities required to support the new business model archetypes

Trade & Procurement

B2B trade opportunities are a significant economic growth catalyst. Women owned or led business access less than 15 of these opportunities. Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted trade as we know it and the access to opportunities that mostly drive the growth of SME’s.

BPW can build a network designed to connect the World’s large-buying organizations committed to the inclusion of women-led and owned businesses to access and succeed in supply chain related trade and procurement opportunities.

The plan of action is to strengthen BPW International relation with Institutions for capacity building of our members in trade and access to market based on a technological platform that integrate an information system that support B2B trade or collaborations… Also to have partnerships with Multinational companies to source their purchases from women in Business from BPW International.

Keep informed here. We are advisors of the Standing Committee of BPW International

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